About us

About CHOOSE NanoTech

CHOOSE NanoTech features a variety of industrial high-performance surface coatings suitable for painted surfaces, glass, leather, textiles, wood, plastic, rubber and marble to protect surfaces from dust, dirt, and liquid. Our range of ceramic molecule coatings dramatically reduce the surface energy of a protected surface, ensuring that liquids, markers and even paint that comes into contact with the surface can be simply wiped off.

About KubeBond

In 2010, CHOOSE NanoTech began expanding its product development to include the same high-performance surface coatings for the consumer market. KubeBond is the result of this expansion.

Based on our in-depth research and experience with the industrial CHOOSE NanoTech range, we have developed multiple coating solutions that achieve the best protection, with multi-functional properties for all different applications.

Each CHOOSE NanoTech product is developed with the consumer in mind, giving you the ultimate protection for all the surfaces that are important to you.

A World-Class Product

CHOOSE NanoTech is a worldwide competitor in the surface coatings sector, and continues to develop and refine its world-class coating technology. At CHOOSE NanoTech we keep ourselves on the cutting edge of product innovation so that we can keep offering you top range coating technology. With next-generation costing solutions already under development, CHOOSE NanoTech continues to set the benchmark in the coatings industry.

Browse the website for more information on our superior vehicle coating, glass coating, leather and textile coating, rubber and plastic coating, wood and ceramic coating, and antibacterial coating, or for more information or to order a product, contact us today.

Want To Know More?

CHOOSE NanoTech Australia will be hosting workshops in 2016 for vehicle detailers and professional wanting hands-on experience with the KubeBond range. Head over to our Contact page to find out about the next one.