Industrial solutions

DLS – 9H Glass Coating (Permanent Bond)

Permanent protection
Anti-scratch – 9H hardness
Creates an easy-to-clean surface
Hydrophobic – repels liquids
Weather resistant
UV & thermal resistant
High gloss, colour renewing finish

DLS – 9H Glass Coating (Permanent Bond)

CHOOSE NanoTech DLS 9H Glass Coating is a permanent-bond surface coating ideal for a variety of surfaces including glass, painted surfaces, building exteriors, roller doors, metal, plastic, and rubber. DLS 9H Glass Coating is based on ceramic molecule coating, a net-like molecular structure which seals and protects your surface from chemicals, dust, liquids, and paint.

DLS 9H Glass Coating also offers superior scratch resistance, as it rates a 9H on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the second-hardest rating as measured in accordance with JISK5400 regulation. It’s scratch-resistant to most commonly available substances, including keys, knives, brickwork and concrete rendering.

DLS 9H Glass Coating is a permanent-bond surface protector, meaning that once cured it is chemically bonded with the surface. Regular maintenance with soap and water is sufficient to ensure that your DLS-protected surface stays scratch-resistant and protected from the elements for good.