Industrial solutions

Nano-2 for glass/ metal/ plating

Superior protection for up to 6 months
Hydrophobic – repels water and liquids
Creates an easy-to-clean surface
Weather resistant
UV & thermal resistant
Transparent finish

Nano-2 for glass/ metal/ plating

CHOOSE NanoTech’s Nano-2 is a mid-term surface coating that offers superior protection from chemicals, dust, liquids, and paint to any glass, metal, or plated surface. Use to protect your office windows, laptop, outdoor furniture, roller doors, and more from the effects of everyday use and exposure.

Nano-2 is based on CHOOSE NanoTech’s ceramic molecule coating, a net-like molecular structure which seals and protects your surface from chemicals, dust, liquids, and paint. This technology reduces the surface friction of an object, ensuring that liquid droplets are shaped more like spheres and are therefore easier to simply wipe off.

CHOOSE NanoTech surface coatings seal surfaces and fill in pores and imperfections, resulting in a smooth surface that even solvent-based paints can’t bond to. The result of this is a superior paint-resistant and anti-graffiti surface, as evidenced by the fact that our car, when treated with Kube Bond Diamond 9H and then sprayed with oil-based spray paint, was able to be completely cleaned off with nothing more than a high-pressure hose.